The best packing cubes and how I pack with them!

ebags packing cubes

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We’re currently getting sorted for a week away in Cornwall this week so I figured it was a perfect time to show you what I think are the best packing cubes, how I go about packing with them and do a bit of a review of them.  I know there are loads of packing cubes reviews out there, but what harm can another one do eh?

Now I’d never even heard of packing cubes not that long ago.  I just thought you shoved your stuff in a bag and went – after all you’ll unpack at your destination right?

Well of course this is right sometimes, but especially if you’re travelling to multiple destinations or doing a stint of long term travel like we did, having some form of organisation can be really helpful.

So what are packing cubes?  Essentially they are smaller bags that you pack your clothes or other items in to.  These cubes can then be arranged in your bag and it makes it all much easier to fit in, know what you’ve got and stops everything getting messed up.


Just imagine you need to get into your luggage to reach something you’ve packed.  Your clothes are all around it and you have to dig around to get there.  Your clothes might end up strewn all over the place (and if you’re in an airport that’s not so good!) and you’ll need to refold everything to get it back in.  Nightmare.  With packing cubes it keeps all your clothes in one spot, so if you need to remove them it’s not such a big deal.


Packing with packing cubes

If you’re wondering how to use packing cubes, this is how I pack with them.  As I said we’re just about to go to Cornwall which is in the south of England for a week.  I’m quite a light packer anyway, not really owning any great amounts of clothes if I’m honest so packing light for me isn’t too bad.

These are my clothes for the week – 1 pair of jeans, some leggings, a long skirt, a scarf, 6 tops, pyjamas, 2 vest tops and a warmer top as well as underwear for the week.

clothes to pack into cubes


I have the eBags slim packing cube set and for this week have managed to fit all the above clothes in 2 of the slim cubes.

In order to fit everything I roll everything up as small as I can and try to fit the biggest things in as neatly as possible.  Once I’ve done this I start to zip it up and I can see how much space is left for the smaller things like underwear, socks, leggings, scarves, those kinds of things.  By keeping it mostly zipped you can push in the smaller things in to the gaps.


open packing cubes


All the clothes fitted in just fine.  I’m not sure I’d get much more in mind you!

slim packing cubes


Slim packing cubes review

The packing cubes set that I have is the eBags slim packing cubes.  They come in a variety of colours and each set has 3 ‘cubes’ in it.  They’re actually really good value for money too.

We chose this size as at first we didn’t imagine all our clothes would fit in and we thought it would be good for smaller items, keeping our underwear separate, that kind of thing.  In actual fact I’ve found the slim cubes to be more than enough for a week of clothes for me where I’m only using 2, and I used 3 of them for our long term travels quite happily.

We all have our own set of packing cubes and each set is a different colour.  I have pink, James has Green, Marcus chose Orange and Alex has a nice turquoise set.

Having them in different colours is great when we’re on a weekend away and only are bringing a small amount of items each.  We can keep everything separate and can easily bring out each persons belongings.  Packing cubes are great for a family and for organisation.

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ebags packing cubes review

Not only are they great for general organisation, but really can fit a huge amount of stuff in like I’ve shown earlier.  Enough clothes for a week holiday for me went in to two cubes.

When we’re in hotels and apartments the cubes work great as drawer organisers and I would keep all my underwear stored in one for example.  Many people ask are packing cubes worth it and for me they totally are.  Organisation at every step of my travels is worth it to me!


travel packing cubes

The handles make them really easy to pull in and out of our bags and one thing I have been really impressed with is the fabric – I stuff so much in to these bags and they still feel like new after 3 years of travel and use.  The zips and seams take the strain with no worries and I’m sure they’ll last so much longer too.

When we’re not travelling the bags still come in handy.  I use mine to keep some accessories separate in my drawer and we’ve used some to keep hold of electrical cables too.

Overall, for the use we’ve had out of them and the continued use I see I really recommend these.  I’m always amazed how much I can squeeze in there!


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Packing cubes for travel with a carry on

I’ve been quite taken with the notion of travelling carry on only recently, although you’d laugh if you’d seen our luggage coming back from NYC!

I’ve been reading loads about it and quite like the concept of minimalism and really challenging myself with what I need to bring with me.  When we headed on our 2014 trip I even bought myself a 30 litre rucksack to keep me in check.  I realise that the bigger the pack, the more I bring.  I actually loved having a small pack and the packing cubes really helped me to stay in that size.  I don’t think I would have felt nearly as organised without them

My friend Alyson has been writing a bit about carry on travel lately and this post is really helpful, and I’m sure you’ll hear more from me too next time we fly.  I am a bit obsessed by the challenge!

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