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Budget family accommodation in London – how to find the best deals!

London can be an expensive city, even more so when visiting with kids.  Finding the best budget family accommodation in London requires a bit of research, but it can definitely be done!  Read on and find out some great budget hotel recommendations, where to search for apartments and other options.   Budget family accommodation in […]

One day in Genoa – what to see and do in this Italian city

Genoa, or Genova as the Italians say, is a large city on the Ligurian coast and it’s a very popular place to visit since it’s well served by budget airlines and also it’s a cruise stop for those wishing to explore Northern Italy.  It was the nearest big city for us when we stayed along […]

Children’s books about travel

I love children’s books and I love travel, so it’s no surprise that I loved writing my last post about children’s books in London and have plans for many more articles that are similar.  There are so many children’s books about travel and about other countries and cultures nowadays and the luxury of our global marketplace […]

My favourite children’s books about London

There are many children’s books about London from simple picture books to chapter books.  If you’re travelling to London with your family, get your kids excited about your upcoming trip with some books about the city! My favourite children’s books set in London I’m a big believer of getting the kids learning about the places we travel to way before […]

Cheap family accommodation – how we travel far on a budget!

Cheap family accommodation is the cornerstone of budget family travel.  If you can find a reasonably priced place to lay your and your kids heads at night that is safe, clean and comfortable then you’re going to really increase your chances of having a great holiday. Of course, budgets are relative and what is cheap […]

Visiting Monaco on a budget – our day trip from Italy

Can you really do Monaco on a budget?  It seems like those words don’t go together doesn’t it?  Monaco, the place where the wealthy hang out, surely it can’t be a cheap place to visit?  Inside my brain was saying – Good luck sticking to a budget there! But we were determined to visit, and […]