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16 amazing historical places in the world to add to your bucket list

a bomb dome hiroshima

There’s no shortage of historical places in the world to add to your bucket list, but which ones are the best and where should you focus your time if there’s so many?  Well, of course this is a subjective list and if you have no interest in ancient cultures and history you might find that […]

Historical experience days and other travel gift ideas for history lovers

If you have someone you want to buy a gift for and they not only love history but they are travel lovers too, I’ve got some great ideas for you here to get them something really unique.  These historical experience days and gift ideas will definitely prove that you’ve been thinking about them, especially if […]

A helpful guide to visiting Stonehenge – including how to make it worth seeing!

tips for visiting stonehenge

It’s one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire world, let alone just in Great Britain, so I figured a guide to visiting Stonehenge might well be worth creating for a history travel blog!  This guide should answer all your questions that you have about it plus if you keep reading you’ll find […]

Ancient sites in England you have to visit

lake-district castlerigg

  England is full of ancient stories, mystery and history so no trip to the country is complete without checking out a few of their ancient sites.  There is so much to see and do, it’s way more than just stone circles!  We’re looking at Ancient sites in England that are from prehistory, the bronze […]

Winter in Edinburgh – what to do, see and enjoy when it’s cold!

Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world and one that I’ve been privileged to visit many times.  I’ve also been in every season but winter in Edinburgh is without a doubt one of my favourites.  The capital city of Scotland is popular at any time of the year – so why should […]

Sound deadening a van – part 3 of our camper conversion

Welcome to part three of our camper van conversion diary and the one where we did something I’d never even considered – sound deadening a van!  If you’re the same and have never known it was something to do then read on.  This will be a short post today because as you’ll soon see, sound […]