Will kids remember travel? Is it worth it?

We’re taking a year off from the rat race along side our kids so you can probably guess that I do think that travel is going to be worth it for our kids.  But really, and especially in the case of younger kids, will they remember it?  And if they won’t then is it worth … Read more

Guy Fawkes Night

 Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…


image credit – flickr Shane Global

A friend and I were discussing purely British celebrations the other week and we came up with Guy Fawkes Night and nothing else.  Do we have any other events that we only celebrate in the UK?  There is St George/St Andrews/St Davids day, but really we don’t do much to celebrate those do we? Burns night is the only one I can think of, and that would only be celebrated in Scotland.  Hmmm….

Anyway.  I love Guy Fawkes night, or fireworks / bonfire night as it’s sometimes called.  Since the kids were old enough to understand I would get books out about the history of it so they would know why we all make a bonfire and set off fireworks.  For any readers who don’t know here’s a little bit of background to why it happens:

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Our home for next year!

Well, we did it.  We finally saved enough to buy ourselves a campervan.  I can’t quite believe we have one, probably because she’s not staring at us every day as we’re keeping her on my mums drive for now. Anyway, here she is.  She is a 1988 Fiat Dethleffs Globetrotter.  She’s a little bit old, … Read more

Freedom and straying off the beaten path

It’s Independence Day in the USA today, a day when its citizens celebrate and think about their freedom and what it means to them.

I’m actually rather ashamed that I never knew, until I was a young adult, anything about the war of independence and my own country’s role in that.  How could I not know that the British were part of it?  I remember watching The Patriot and stating stupidly that I didn’t know the British ruled America. That was the tip of a very large iceberg that was my woefully inadequate knowledge of history, world events and our role in it.   It also made me question my education – lots!

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Liverpool city break with Museums and Historic Docks

ALiverpool city break has been something I have wanted to do for some time now.  I think I’d read about it on someone’s blog years ago and realised that far from just being somewhere with a world famous football team,  there was actually something interesting to see there.  I’d mentioned to James about maybe taking … Read more

Farne Island boat trip with kids

A Farne Island boat trip has been something we’d wanted to do for a while – we had never seen puffins in the wild and it was on our bucket list of things to see!  The Farne Islands are in Northumberland in North East England and are easy to get to with many companies offering boat … Read more