About us and our family gap year

I’ll leave the ‘about us’ section that I wrote in 2012 below, but I think it’s time for an update on how our family gap year has taken shape!

We’re, of course, still known as ‘The Barts’ but Marcus and Alex are now in their teens.  This blog has gone through many changes over the years, from the planning stages to two instances of long term travel, not quite a gap year each time, about 6 months at a time.

our family gap year trip on route 66

Us in Arizona on Route 66 with Angel Degadillo and someone who was having his hair cut!! 😉

Taking a Family Gap Year – crazy?

We spent about a year in 2012 planning our escape from the rat race, and from normality to have a gap year.  I documented that whole period and used this blog as a sounding off point, diary and cheerleader – you can see the posts and ride the rollercoaster of emotions from this time in the category of Pre Launch.

In April of 2013 we embarked on our long awaited journey with a camper van named Gloria.  We travelled Europe and also our home country of the UK for 6 months.  You can see the posts from this time in the category of 2013 Adventure.

We had to cut short our adventure so after coming back we were itching to do another long term trip.  In August of 2014 we headed to the US for a different trip – this time using apartment rentals for longer periods and house sitting.  I’m still writing up this adventure (I know, don’t judge me!) but you can find the posts from this trip in the category of 2014 Adventure.


We’re currently based back in the UK but still craving a life of travel, as ever.  There’s still many stories to come, not least the 2014 adventure, but also plenty of Mini Adventures we’ve been taking too.  We have plans for some smaller trips coming up, kind of in between a week long vacation and a gap year with kids!  As the kids are older they value community and we want to keep that for them, but we’re thinking a trip of 1-2 months might still be in the pipeline!  Watch this space 😉


I hope you enjoy the blog and if you’re planning your own family gap year adventures then good luck!



(From 2012)

I’ve been a blogger for many years now (10 years at the last count!) and I learned the ropes of blogging by writing a diary of the education of my kids at home and thought I’d continue the theme for writing about our family gap year.

I started The Barts Go Adventuring blog as a way to document the preparation for our family gap year, our eventual travels and to give me something to feel accountable to.  Having wanted to travel and given up the dream before, I needed to find a better way to help me to NOT give up the dream!  I have found so much inspiration on the internet I also then wanted to share what inspired me.

You can expect about 2 posts a week, more if I am feeling chatty!  I also like to post an update at the end of the month with how our financial goals are coming along.  I hope to inspire others who may be thinking about a family gap year that it’s got to be worth a go!

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All about the Barts

We’re a British family of four – myself, Kirsty Bartholomew (34), James (38), Marcus (13) and Alex (12)

I’ve always wanted to travel, I always watched holiday programmes as a kid and wanted to go everywhere.  As soon as I started earning my money went towards travel and I went Inter-railing round France and Belgium, and had various trips round Europe and Morocco.  My big goal was to work my way round the world and I started it at age 18 by getting a job in Germany.  Unfortunately I didn’t get much further than there as I came home, but when I did come home I met my lovely husband James.  We always planned to travel, but we never quite got there before having kids.

James is an hgv driver at the moment and really wants to see what else is around and would just love 6 months off work!


Marcus is 13 at the moment and he loves cars, lego and video games.

Alex is 12 and she loves animals, wildlife, lego and music.